Electrical Services

Commercial, Industrial and Residential

Design entire electrical systems

Work with existing blueprints

New construction, refurbishments or improvements

Specialize in Commercial applications:

Fire Protection Systems

Security Systems

Electrical Testing

Energy Surveys

Sales Operations

Define operational processes and create documentation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) standardization and launch

Operational project management

Data management

Migration to Microsoft O365

Experience working with teams and vendors across Europe, North America and South America, Asia and North Africa

Let our skilled team help you with your next project or endeavor

Product Management

Creation and business development for new portfolios

Business plan for new products or services

Lead cross-functional teams across:

Engineering, sales, marketing, operations, legal and customer service

Define software roadmaps and release timelines

Forecasting for sales and infrastructure impact

Project Management

Drive cross-functional teams for timelines and delivery

Post-project completion, create executive summaries and identify best practices

Cloud migrations and feature/software upgrades

Write technical and scientific documentation

Define success criteria

Business Planning and Strategy

Create business plans for new products or services

Business strategy for start-ups

Identify issues and provide solutions

Extensive sales and business development background

Business presentations

Marketing and Analytics

Creation of marketing strategy

Execution of marketing strategy (advertising agencies, social media consultants)

Improve existing marketing plans

Marketing analytics – before, during and after campaigns

Competitive gap analysis