IT & Information Systems

Axios focuses on design and implementation of IT systems, as well as comprehensive solutions for Information Systems (IS) design. Our engineers provide consulting, design, planning, installation & integration services as well as provide support after build-out. Axios delivers the right customized solution and products driven by our client's needs.

IT Systems/Information Systems

We provide:

  • Network Architecture Development
  • Design Services for IP Infrastructure
  • Network Integration Services and Project Management
  • Network Documentation Services
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance
  • Information Systems supported include TPS, Knowledge Work Systems,
  • Office Automation Systems, and Management Information Systems (MIS)
Our clients demand dynamic collaborative networks, highly customized hardware and software products and services, and end-to-end process controls. Customers require automated means to control operational business processes in order to manage and oversee their operations in an efficient and effective way.


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Axios Services is an established information technology systems integrator since 1996 with business experience providing and supporting enterprise level turnkey solutions to Commercial, Private and Governmental sectors.

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