Network Transport Design

At Axios we provide Network Data Transport Design services that enables companies to implement complex network topologies that can meet the most demanding enterprise system implementations. Axios integrates transportation route optimization with network optimization and simulation to enable longer-term strategic improvements to the data transportation network.

Network Transport Design

Because of the diversity of engineering disciplines Axios offers, we have achieved a unique synergy in bringing these multiple disciplines to bear on the client's requirements. Our suite of services enables our engineers to provide solutions that meet or exceeds the needs of the client in a holistic system approach.

Axios's Network Data Transport Design Services offer clients, carriers and partners the ability to implement a fully-tested and certified information transport network (copper, fiber, and/or wireless media) through a suite of services that leverage proven processes, repeatable methodologies, and valued experience to deliver consistent, high quality results. Axios provides design services for enterprise clients, carriers, and partners. These services include:

  • Information Transport Engineering
  • Site Surveys
  • Site Readiness Assessment
  • Space Design
  • Detailed Site Drawings


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